Thursday, March 14, 2013

Paint, paint and more paint

So now that I'm done obsessing over carpet (OK, I'm still obsessing a little bit) I decided it was time to move on to paint and make a final decision about the dining room and Josh's room. I decided that I kind of hate the original colors we were thinking about for Josh's room.

We had a pow wow in his room last night to discuss it and we decided that we needed to start over looking for paint colors.  We don't want anything too dark or muddy brown so that his room feels like a cave or so crazy green that the paint is all you see when you walk into his room. Crisp and clean would be a lot nicer. I'm trying really hard to let him choose because I want this to be his project and something that feels like him, but he is a 12 year old boy and he has never picked out paint before and even when you're a 37 year old mom picking out paint is HARD! So I'm trying to guide him a bit while still letting him make the final decision.

So we talked about lighter, softer colors and looked at more swatches and then I went to Lowes this morning and got little sample cans of five different green/khaki/browns. Then I came home and painted each color onto a piece of white cardboard and they are currently drying. When he comes home we're going to hold them up and move them around and see what jumps out at us. I really hope that one of those samples will work because this whole paint choosing thing is kind of driving me crazy.

Also, one of the samples I bought was the Creekside Green color that is in that sample dining room in my previous blog post. I think that color is beautiful. I painted it on cardboard and looked at it in my dining room and I think I love it. I think that is going to be my new dining room color!

We're planning on painting Josh's room ourselves this weekend but I'm trying to coordinate with a painter to get the dining room painted. Painting over that dark red is going to be a pain, half of that room is vaulted, which is also a pain, and I just want to make sure that it's done right. I can paint a wall just fine, but I want this one to look fantastic and I'll feel better leaving it to the professionals. We have a paint company that we have been using for years (B&K Painting if you're in Boise) and they're fantastic. They painted our entire house before we moved in and I've had them back several times for other projects. They're the ones that painted the dining room red in the first place, and while I'm super tired of the color, the paint job looks great!

So I called them yesterday and I'm waiting to hear back to see if they can come before the carpet is installed. I'm hoping not to have to move the furniture twice.

So that's where we're at. Hopefully by this afternoon we will have picked a paint color and I can cross that off my list. We're crazy busy around here this week but I'm excited to get all these projects done!

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2LittleMen2Be4Me said...

Look at Sherwin Williams "Shagreen". It's a nice warm greem color, with few undertones to it.