Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phase one complete!

After a busy day Josh's room is all painted! I absolutely love the color. I LOVE it. We just keep going back in there and looking at it because we love it so much.

I hesitate to share photos because it's currently a MESS! Josh decided that he didn't want to hang things up and put the room back together yet. We're getting ready to move all the furniture out to recarpet so it seems silly to clean it all up, put everything together and then take it all apart again. He wants to wait until the carpet is in next week and then put everything back and decorate and enjoy it all complete. Also, I think he likes the idea of getting to sleep somewhere else for a week just for the novelty of it, lol. We'll see if that gets old in a couple of days.

So at the moment his furniture is in the middle of the room with a bunch of stuff piled on it. It looks terrible and I cringed even taking pictures of it. I promise, it's going to look awesome in a week!

So just look at the paint and ignore the mess. Everything is going to be a mess this week until the carpet is installed. I'll take more photos once the room is put back together. It will look much nicer then!


Cindy said...

I like the color a lot! I bet the more neutral tone with a touch of color will work well. Happy decorating! :)

Unknown said...

Great color! transmits tranquility