Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sick and tired

Ugh, it's been a long couple of weeks around here. A few weeks ago Matthew and I got sick and it took forever to get over it. Then we finally got over it and Matthew got sick again. Then Clarissa got sick. Then Josh got sick. Fevers, sore throats, throwing up, the whole nine yards. So kids have been home from school off and on for the past week or so and everyone has been grouchy and miserable. Matthew and Clarissa are finally feeling better but Josh is having a hard time getting over it. He's still throwing up, he didn't eat for a couple of days and he's been really miserable. This morning I sat with him and got him to nibble saltines and sip water and this afternoon he seems a bit better but this has been a long and miserable couple of weeks for everyone.

And now that everyone else is hopefully on the mend, my throat hurts. I'm trying really hard to ignore and I'm hoping and praying that I don't start puking. Ugh.

In the middle of that I've been stressing out over some major dental work I need to have done that was supposed to be this week and had to be rescheduled and we're still dealing with the re-carpeting and redecorating project, which is stressing me out.

We started out working with one company and we found a sample that we think we like but it's a really small sample, just a couple of inches big, and I need a bigger piece to make absolutely sure that I like it before I carpet my whole house with it. So the woman at the store said she'd order us a bigger sample and it would take a week to come in. That was a month ago and there were some issues and it didn't happen.

So after a month of waiting for the sample that never came we're starting over. Today I finally contacted another company that we have gotten flooring through before and I told them the name of the sample we had seen at the other place and she looked it up and said that it seems like it will work great but she only has a small sample so she'll have to order us in a bigger one. It will take about a week.


I'm tired and my throat hurts. :(

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