Friday, March 15, 2013


The painters are coming Monday to paint the dining room Creekside Green and tomorrow we are painting Josh's room with Valspar Shitake. It's a nice green/brown. Not too dark, not too light. I'm happy now that the colors have been chosen and I can stop driving myself crazy about it.

Also, Josh came home from school today and said that he got a packet to apply for the Junior Honor Society. Not only did he get a packet to apply, he's ridiculously excited about applying! It's a pretty detailed application process that includes staying after school to write an essay but I think his chances of getting in are good. I'm so proud of him and I love how much he loves academics. If he gets accepted into the honor society, that will become his advisory (like homeroom) class next year, so he'd have that along with honors English and honors science. He likes being in classes with other kids who take school as seriously as he does, so that's kind of a big deal for him. The overachievers are his people, lol. I love that kid.

OK, so there is my update for today. Paint colors have been picked and the painting and furniture moving starts tomorrow. Wish me luck! :)

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AuraLee said...

how exciting for Josh!! :)