Tuesday, March 19, 2013


First of all, did you vote for Josh today? :)


Thank you to all my wonderful readers who have voted! Just a reminder that you can vote once a day. Josh is super excited!

Second, my house is a MESS right now! Trying to get everything ready to get recarpeted is a pain. It feels like we're moving. They painted the dining room yesterday and it looks amazing but I'm going to wait to show photos until we get the furniture back in there. At the moment all the dining room furniture is in the living room and there are chandelier pieces all over the dining room floor. We're putting new lighting in the dining room and Shawn is finishing it up tonight. The light that is in there is brass and glass and very 90's. Bleh. The new light is like a brushed nickel and frosted glass and it's really pretty. We've never installed lighting before so pray that we don't burn the house down, which Shawn says is impossible but I'm sure is going to happen when we do the wiring wrong. :)

So everything is in a bit of an upheaval right now and it's only going to get worse before it gets better, but I'm really excited to get it all done. It might feel like we're moving out right now, which sucks, but it's going to feel awesome when we move everything back in next week and it feels like everything is new. I'm looking forward to that!

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