Monday, April 22, 2013

Afternoon dental update

I know people are just glued to their computers, waiting for me to share more fascinating stories of the amazing adventures of my dental work. I don't know why I blog these mundane things and I don't know why people read them, but yet, here we both are. United in my dental work. Aww. :)

So I spent all day trying to convince myself to call the dentist. I keep thinking that in five more minutes I'd go call him. Maybe ten. Definitely in a half hour. If not in a half hour then after lunch. Or at least by the close of business. Seriously, I would rather spend the day in pain than call the stupid dentist and just get the pain taken care of. I'm kind of ridiculous.

That went on all day until eventually all the procrastinating was for nothing because this afternoon the dentist called me instead. They called to see if they could move Clarissa's appointment to tomorrow morning, but that doesn't work because she has preschool. So while I had the receptionist on the phone I decided to suck it up and tell her that my tooth was hurting. She thinks there's a slight possibility that the temporary crown I have on the same side of my mouth as the tooth that hurts is just sitting too high and that could be causing the pain. That's possible. In that case they just shave the crown down a bit and that fixes the problem. So now I'm going in tomorrow morning to see if that's the case, and if not I guess I'm making plans for a root canal. Ugh.

The timing is not great because this weekend we're going to the film festival to see if Josh's animation wins a prize, and I'm really looking forward to it. I would very much not like to be in pain or recovering from a root canal this weekend.

So let's cross our fingers that it's just a crown problem and that they can easily fix it. Stay tuned for further adventures of my teeth. How fun for both of us.

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cakepopmoms said...

This really hit home, making a plan for a call. I seriously do this, I'll call after I take a shower, right before preschool pick up, I can't go work in the yard until I call. And then when I finally do it, I feel so free...until the next call! So glad to hear I am not alone!