Monday, April 22, 2013

Bite me

Uuuuuugh. You know the teeth drama I'm having? I had two teeth worked on recently. One was supposed to be crowned but they couldn't do it because there is a crack in it and now it needs dental surgery to fix it. The other tooth was supposed to be a simple filling but it also has a crack in it and now needs a crown. 

So that second tooth, the one that needed a filling and now needs a crown, HURTS. I tried to ignore it at first because it had just been worked on and the pain wasn't that bad at first but over the past few days it has hurt worse. Last night it hurt so bad I had to take Vicadin to get to sleep. I know exactly what that means. It needs a root canal. The dentist was worried that it might but was hoping that it would be OK with just crown but he said if I started having pain and sensitivity in it it was probably going to need a root canal. It definitely hurts and is sensitive. I need to call the dentist this morning to tell him but I just can't bring myself to do it because I know what he's going to say. 

I want to say a whole bunch of naughty words right about now. You have no idea how much I don't want a root canal in the middle of two crowns and dental surgery. I will easily max out my dental insurance for the year and then some, so it's going to cost me a fortune and I haaaate having dental work done. Hate it. Crap crap crap crap crap. 

So my Monday is not off to the greatest start. My mouth hurts and I'm cranky. Stupid teeth. :(

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