Saturday, April 6, 2013


I started and finished the book Night Road today. I read the whole 387 page book in pretty much one sitting. It was so good that I couldn't put it down. The last few books I've read were kind of disappointing, but this one really good. Sad though, in case you're thinking of reading it. I'm excited to have crossed another book off my list. But now I have to pick a new book and that's always the hard part!

I'm excited about something else that is in the works today! A few weeks ago Josh's film teacher told him about a teen film festival that is happening at the end of April in the town I grew up in. Josh didn't think he felt prepared to enter it this year but they're having film making workshops during the day and then showing the winning films in the evening and that sounded really fun to him so we're planning take a quick trip over there so that he can participate. They have some fun things going on that he could participate in even if he didn't enter a film and I thought that seeing the winning films would help him prepare to enter next year.

But his teacher has still been encouraging him to enter something and this morning he suddenly decided to just go for it. The submission deadline is this Friday so now he's kind of in a crunch to come up with something, but we brainstormed together this morning and he has come up with a great idea. He's entering the animation category and is doing a five minute Lego animation. He wrote a really funny script and he's now working really hard to put it all together in time to submit. Stop motion animation is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of patience but it's something he loves and he's excited to do it. Oh, and don't worry, I won't make you vote for this one! :)

And speaking of voting, I believe they are announcing the winners of the Zion's Bank video contest on Monday! Lets hope I have something exciting to report! :)

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shelly said...

I loved that book! It felt like there was a surprise at every corner. I really liked the mom character and felt like we would be friends irl. I like when that happens in a book. I had never read Kristen Hannah before and currently have "True Colors" waiting for me on my bedside table.