Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More dental updates

First of all, I forgot to mention yesterday that Josh made the yearbook staff for next year! Yay! That means he gets to go to yearbook camp this summer, which he's really looking forward to.

Ok, so I went to the dentist this morning. He looked at my teeth and the bite did seem a little off to him so he started filing down the tooth that is hurting and realized that it had a little chip in it and when he started digging in there, the chip popped out. He thinks maybe there was a little piece of broken tooth that was jammed in there weird and that might be what was causing the pain.

That's the tooth that was supposed to have a filling and now needs a crown. He put a temporary filling in it when I had the work done a couple of weeks ago but I'm going back for a crown when I have the other crown done after my dental surgery. So while he was filing it today he filed out the chip and now I have a big gap there where part of tooth is missing that I will have until they do the crown in a few weeks. It's a back molar, so it's fine, it just feels weird.

Anyway, he didn't immediately jump to a root canal, he wants to see if this was the problem first, so I am glad about that. I hope this was the problem because seriously, I'm so over all this dental work. It's seriously stressing me out. I'm tired of being in pain, I'm tired of worrying about it, I'm tired of having to go back in there fifty times, I just want to be done with it. Next week I have the consult with the periodontist and I'm dreading it like the plague.

So there is the update on my teeth. Blah.

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