Saturday, April 20, 2013


So for the past few days my nails have been pink. Like if Barbie painted her nails, this is the color she would use. I'm not a pink person. I never have been. My favorite nail color is grey or taupey grey brown colors, followed by blues and greens and the occasional vampy dark red. Very rarely are they ever pink. I own a lot of pink nail polish and sometimes in the summer I paint my toenails pink, but for some reason pink fingernails don't FEEL like me. Grey nail polish feels like me.

But the other day I was bored with all my regular colors so I decided to be wild and crazy and go for pink. The color is Essie Muchi Muchi. It's very bubblegum pink. And for the past few days, every single time I wash my hands or look down at my nails I almost have a weird moment of "Oh! Pink fingernails!" It feels weird. It feels like last year when I started wearing nail polish after a lifetime of never wearing it and it felt so strange for a while. My hands don't look like my hands.

But this morning I washed my hands and looked at them again and suddenly the pink fingernails don't feel weird. In fact, I think I kind of like it. Maybe I can be a pink fingernail polish person after all.

I decided pink fingernail polish deserved a photo shoot, so here you go. :)

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Amanda said...

Ur nails are beautiful! I used to gow mine out like that..but ever since i ve had kids i keep them chopped and never painted:/ i do paint my toenails though;)