Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back from the periodontist

Ugh, that really wasn't fun at all, they tried to sedate me and  it only had moderate success. I was in and out for the whole procedure. Then the sedation kicked in pretty well right at the end of the appointment and now I'm super goofy and can't walk in a straight line. They also couldn't get my mouth numbed right, so there was a few false starts when they started drilling while I could still feel it. No good.

But I got it done, I got home and now I've gone back to bed. I'm laying here here feeling super yucky. My mouths still numb but its going to start hurting soon. I have heavy medication to combat it, but it will also make me loopy. So I'm a super funny right now. But not in a very good mood. For now I'm think I'm just going to go back to sleep. Shawn took the day off work to take care of me, so he's got it covered while I lay here and watch the world spin.

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