Sunday, May 26, 2013

I huuuurt.

This whole dental surgery thing pretty much sucks. :( I felt like I was doing OK for the first couple of days but today I seriously want to cry. I'm taking prescription strength Ibuprofen and Norco and even with that I still hurt. I was reading a thing online about this surgery and it said that since they basically shave down your jaw bone in the procedure the recovery hurts like a broken jaw. Also, my gums are all cut up and swollen. It hurts to eat and since I'm drugged out most of the time and need to keep ice on my face I'm doing nothing but laying around all day, which gets old after a while. 

Like I said, I was basically OK enough for the first couple of days but being in pain gets old really fast. Now I'm just cranky. Shawn has been awesome about keeping the house running while I lay here in my drug induced haze and thankfully it's a long weekend and everyone will be home tomorrow so I can continue to recover for another day, but really, I'm totally over this mouth pain thing. 

I'm supposed to go in on Thursday to have the stitches removed but I'm dreading the thought of them poking around in there. I hope that it has recovered significantly by then because at the moment I can barely open my mouth wide enough to get a spoon in. I can't open it wide enough for them to pull stitches out of the back of my mouth. I should have begged for dissolvable stitches. 

So basically I'm not doing so great today! I've been sitting here for two days watching a marathon of Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Hulu (it's funnier in a drug induced haze, by the way) and eating mashed potatoes and popciscles. I'm pretty much over all of those things. 

So now I think I'm going to ice my face and then take a drug induced nap. A nap sounds good. 

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