Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I'm posting this slightly high on pain medication, so if none of this makes sense, you'll have to forgive me, lol.

I just wanted to update on how things are going. And things are going OK but not that great. My mouth is getting a little better every day but it still hurts and I'm getting tired of it hurting. Most of the day I do pretty good but it seems like around four in the afternoon is starts to throb really bad and ibuprofen just isn't cutting it. I've been really careful with the heavier pain medication, only using it when nothing else works, but it seems like every evening I end up giving in and taking one. It makes me sleepy and foggy and slightly goofy and I hate that, but I prefer it to the pain, so I deal with it.

It's definitely getting better, just not as quickly as I hoped it would. I'm tired of being in pain and I'm tired of not being able to eat normally. I can eat most things but I have to be careful, I can't eat anything with seeds that can get caught in my teeth or anything that might poke the area with the stitches. So I stick mostly to soft food and try to eat on one side of my mouth.

I'll survive, it's just getting annoying.

Not much else is going on around here. This is Josh's last week of school so he's got finals and projects that need to be finished up. Next week is Matthew's last week of school so he has parties and field day and other things coming up. Then we're officially onto summer vacation and our schedule is packed this summer! Matthew has a week long soccer day camp and then scout day camp, Josh will be at scout camp for a week and he also has yearbook camp, both of the boys are going to Utah with my mom for a few days in July, I have my class reunion in July so we're taking a week long trip to my home down, we have our yearly cabin trip with friends that I'm looking forward to and a few other assorted activities that we're trying to somehow cram in there. Our calendar is packed full this summer.

In the midst of all that I'm going to try to resume my bike rides. My exercise plan crashed and burned the past few months and sadly I have gained back some of the weight I lost. I'm struggling to get back on track, but hopefully as soon as my mouth gets better and the kids are done with school I can get moving on it again. Josh decided that he wanted to do couch to 5k and start running and he loves it. He's been a good motivator to get me started back up with running. I really loved it while I was doing it, I'm kicking myself for quitting over the winter. I would love to get back on track and run a 5k with Shawn and Josh. Running is so much fun.

So there is my rambling, high on pain medication update. Maybe none of that made sense. I really shouldn't blog on drugs, lol. Hopefully soon the mouth pain will get better and I can post with a clear head again. Let's hope! :)

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