Wednesday, June 5, 2013

High school revisited

So my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in a month. There is a Facebook page set up for it where we have all been  meeting up to post photos and memories and I've been having the best time the past couple of days pulling out old photos and looking at what everyone else is posting.

So as a result I'm feeling super nostalgic today. I always get this way when I pull out my memory box and start going through old photos and the little things I kept from my teen years. Most people say they hated high school. I actually didn't hate it. Or maybe I hated it then but 20 years has given me a selective memory and I only remember the good parts. But I do have good memories of high school and I'm looking forward to meeting up with old friends next month. I was lucky enough to live in the same house all of my growing up years so I graduated from high school with the same kids I went to Kindergarten with. These are people I've known basically my whole life. So it will be fun to go back. I'm getting excited for it.

Although looking through the photos that everyone else has posted, it made me remember how few of my really close friends were actually in my grade. I had lots of casual friends in my grade, but most of my closest friends, the ones I went to dances and parties with, were older than me or went to different schools. I was going through my school dance photos and it occurred to me that while I went to lots of dances, I never once went with anyone from my grade.

I wish there was a reunion for all those old friends. I wish there was a reunion for old boyfriends, my computer geek friends that I met in local online chat groups, my friends who went to other schools, my coworkers at my after school job, etc. I hate losing touch with people and I love hearing from old friends. There are so many people from my teenage years who were important to me that I don't get to have a reunion with. I want to call all of those people up and throw a party. Wouldn't that be fun? Sadly everyone is scattered now and I don't even know where many of those people are anymore, but going through my memory box is making me miss all of them. I want to talk to every last one of them.

So I'm having a bout of nostalgia today. I'm laughing at old photos, remembering some funny moments, cringing at my huge hair and lack of fashion sense and missing some old friends who I'd really love to hear from. Time goes by way too quickly.

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