Sunday, June 16, 2013

I fail at vacationing

We are seriously having the most fun vacation ever. The kids keep saying this is one of their favorite vacations, and I have to agree. We're having an awesome time.

However, I am hysterically failing. Yesterday we rode our bikes and took a hike and spent the day in the forest and I came home covered in mosquito bites and extremely sore. I have a weird allergy to mosquito bites I think, because when I get them (and I get them often because mosquitos love me) they turn into huge hives. Not just the little red itchy welts, but great big hives that sometimes have a bullseye ring around them. They itch like crazy.

So this morning I woke up with sore muscles and covered in big itchy hives. I'm loving the vacation though, so I dealt with it and we began today's adventure. One thing we did today was take a boat ride on the lake. I made sure that all the kids were carefully covered in sunscreen but stupidly didn't put any on myself. My arms are now beet red and really hurt!!

So this evening I am laying here covered in itchy welts, some of which I can't scratch because they hurt my sunburn, and my muscles are so sore it hurts to walk. I officially fail at vacationing, lol.

BUT, having said that, I'm having an awesome time! This morning we got up and I told Shawn that since it was Fathers Day we were going to do all the things he loves. We started out going out to breakfast and the McCall pancake house. Shawn LOVES breakfast. It's like his favorite thing ever. So we had gigantic pancakes and lots of bacon and pretty much stuffed ourselves in honor of Fathers Day.:)

Then we got reservations for a boat cruise on the lake. The lake here is gorgeous. It is seriously just breathtaking to see. We had so much fun on the boat, which circled the lake for 90 minutes. We had a good time picking out which of the many beautiful lake houses we're going to buy when we win the lottery, lol. It was really fun and totally worth the sunburned arms!

Then we decided to check out an ice cream place that someone had told us about. It was super good ice cream but they give you a ridiculous amount of it. Shawn ordered a hot fudge sundae and it was hysterically large. Our whole family could have eaten it with leftovers. It was kind of awesome and he sadly was unable to finish the whole thing, no matter how much we egged him on, lol.

Then we came back to the condo to take a rest and he chose a movie that we all had a fun time watching. He is now at the condo pool with the kids for a little bit and then we're going to get dinner.

Tomorrow I think we're going to hang out at the lake for awhile and play in the water and then sadly it will be time to head home in the afternoon. I really wish we could stay longer because we are having so much fun! I honestly had no idea this trip was going to be so great. We're planning to come back next year and possibly stay longer if we can.

I took lots of pictures today but I'll wait to share them until we get home. It's easier to do from my laptop.

So there's our vacation update for the day! I'm itchy and sore and sunburned and having the time of my life! :)

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