Friday, June 7, 2013


Well, in about and hour Matthew will be home from his last day of school and it will officially be summer vacation at our house. This school year went by extremely fast!

Next school year is a "last" for everyone. It is Clarissa's last year of preschool, Matthew's last year of elementary school and Josh's last year of middle school. Which means that the next year will be a huge changes as every shifts up to a new milestone. Crazy.

I'm looking forward to summer this year. We have a lot of fun things planned to keep us busy. Tonight we're actually hosting a group of middle school film making students at our house for a fun 48 hour film competition. It's called i48, and it sounds like a lot of fun! Aspiring film makers in the area (kids and adults) get together in teams and then at 6pm tonight they are given a film topic. Last year I think it was horror movies. I have no idea what it will be this year. Anyway, once they get the topic each team has 48 hours to write the script, film the movie, edit it and get it turned in. They will then be judged and shown at a film festival in a few weeks.

Josh's filmmaking teacher put a team together and they are all meeting here tonight from 6-10 to write the script and tomorrow they'll be filming it somewhere. Maybe here, if the script requires a house. Honestly, I don't think there are many kid teams and they're up against adults, so they kind of have an uphill battle to win anything, but I think it will be a fun experience for them anyway.  It will be fun to see what they come up with.

Then next weekend I'm super excited because we're leaving town for a little trip. It's Fathers Day and I had an idea of a gift that I wanted to get Shawn but when it came down to it he said that more than a  gift he really wants to go on a little family weekend getaway. I'm always happy to plan those, so I got to work and made a plan. I rented a condo in a little resort town about two hours from here. It looks like a fun place with swimming pools and other fun things to do. It's also right next to a lake and a state park, so we can play on the little sandy beach area, go hiking in the woods, and if we can figured out a way to get them up there, we're going to take our bikes because there are bike trails through the state park. It won't be a super long trip, but long enough to relax and spend some time together as a family. I'm really looking forward to it!

And while we're on the subject, does anyone know the best way to pack five bikes in a minivan? We might be able to lay part of the backseat down and cram them in, but I'm a little doubtful that they'll fit with all of us in the car. I've seen those bike racks that attach to a hitch but our van has no hitch. I need to do some more research.

This month Matthew also has soccer camp and I signed Clarissa up for a little dance class that one of the teenage neighbor girls is doing. We have the sweetest teenage girl at the end of the street who has been taking dance classes for years and is on dance teams and she puts together a little dance day camp in the summer for little girls. It's just for a few days and then they have a recital at the end. Clarissa will think that is the funnest thing ever. I need to get her in real dance classes. She loves things like that.

So summer is shaping up to be busy around here! I'm excited for new adventures and some fun family activities!


shelly said...

You should be able to find racks that mount on the back of the van's hatch. I would check Craigslist first. Like this:

Wendy said...

Thank you, I will search for one of those!! :)