Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome Penny!

The White's have adopted again! But this time we didn't get to go to Korea to do it. Darn. :)

This afternoon we adopted a three year old Siamese cat from an amazing local shelter. We already have an orange tabby cat named Max, who we adopted from the same shelter about five years ago, but we've been talking for a while about getting Max a friend. I'm such an animal lover that I'd have 10 cats and be the crazy cat lady if it was up to me. Shawn makes sure I don't go crazy, lol.

Today seemed like the right day to add to our family, so we went down to the shelter to look at cats. We didn't necessarily want a kitten. I adore kittens but they're so hyper and their little claws are like razors, lol. I didn't really want a kitten clawing up our new carpet and we thought Max would adapt to an older, calmer cat a little better. Plus, the adult cats have a much harder time getting adopted. Everyone wants a kitten.

We looked at several different cats. We wanted one that was really friendly, good with kids, fairly mellow and one with short hair. I love long haired cats, but I can't deal with the shedding.

After having a really fun time playing with lots of different cats we found Penny. She's a beautiful cat, you can't really see from the photo how pretty her coloring is. She's super mellow and SO lovey and sweet! She sat on our laps and purred like crazy the whole time we were at the shelter. Penny is also declawed, something I would never do to a cat, but it was done by her previous owner and it will save our new carpet. Bonus.

We brought her home and she immediately went and hid. She started out in our closet and is currently hiding under our bed. We got her out long enough to take a quick photo of her and she's super sweet and purred and snuggled for a minute and then she went right back under the bed.

So so far the new cat has been a bit anticlimatic. We were all "Yay! New cat!" and five minutes later she decided to permanently reside under the bed for the rest of time, lol.

She's just nervous. We'll get her out eventually. I can tell that she's going to be a sweet cat once she warms up. Max isn't sure he likes this new addition to the family yet, but he's pretty mellow, I think he'll survive.

So there's our big news! I'll try to take some more picture of her when she comes out of hiding! :)

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