Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And on a lighter note...

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog and discovered color changing nail polish. There is a company in Russia that makes the coolest nail polish I have ever seen in my life that changes color based on the temperature of your hands and I want some SO bad I can hardly stand it. There are two online polish stores that sell it in the US and they're always out of it. I want it so bad I almost ordered it directly from Russia a few weeks ago. I must have that nail polish. 

I didn't order from Russia, although I'm likely to eventually break down and do it if I can't find it in the US because I have no self control when it comes to nail polish and I'm completely obsessed over this particular polish. It's ridiculous. 

But in the meantime I searched around for a color changing polish you can buy in the US and I ordered a bottle and it came today. It's not nearly as cool as the Russian stuff. This stuff almost seems like it's for kids and it goes on streaky and dries weird. But with a few coats and a good top coat that works a miracle on any polish I made it look decent and it is really fun to play with! 

When it came the polish in the bottle was pink because it had been outside where it was hot but when it cooled off it turned purple in the bottle. When you put it on your nails it immediately starts turning pink. It's kind of fun to watch. But since the tips of my nails don't touch my skin, they're a cooler temperature than the base of my nails, so the base stays pink and the tips stay purple. SO. COOL.

I keep dipping my hands in water to watch them change, because I'm a big dork and stuff like this fascinates me. It will keep me entertained until I can find that darn Russian nail polish...

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