Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everyone stay calm!

Josh left for Scout camp yesterday. I don't really like it when my kids are gone, it makes me a little antsy. My anxiety is doing much better these days but when one of my kids is gone from the house for a week and I have no contact with them, I have to work a little harder to stay calm. :) Josh is my first child to leave the nest for an extended period of time. It's new territory.

Josh was a little concerned (actually a lot concerned) about the swim test at scout camp because he's not a good swimmer. His leader told him he doesn't have to do the swim test if he's not comfortable, but I know Josh and he's totally going to try it anyway. He'll be fine, his leader knows he's nervous about it and there are plenty of other leaders around and someone will fish him out of the lake if he needs it. ...right?

I'm staying calm, nothing to worry about. *deeep breath*

So yesterday I was working on not dwelling on what could be going on at scout camp and assuring myself that he's totally fine, which I'm sure he is. He's fine. Tooootally fiiiine. I'm cool. No worries. He's fine. I'm fine.

And then l got a phone call last night and the caller ID was the hospital and my heart just about fell out of my chest. It turns out it was church related and someone needed Shawn's help with something. It was fine. I'm fine. Everyone is fine. No worries.

And then we got a phone call at one o'clock this morning. And I jumped up like the house was on fire. (Or my child was on fire, which I'm sure he's not because he's totally fine. It's all good. I'm cool.) It turns out it was the wrong number, but I spent the rest of the night a little wound up. Don't call my house at one in the morning unless someone is on fire. Seriously.

No one ever calls us from the hospital and no one ever calls our house in the middle of the night. I'm trying to find it humorous that both of those things happened the day I was working so hard to stay calm. It's actually really funny, but I think I will wait to laugh until Saturday when my child returns home safely. :)

Which I'm sure he will because everything is totally fine. He's good. I'm good. We're all good. No one is panicking. Everything is totally fiiiine. Right?!

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