Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh, also...

After that ridiculously long blog post, I forgot to post one more thing. While I was at my grandmas house she showed me some DVD's she had just had made of all her old home videos. I borrowed them to make a copy and there was a short clip of me the day of my high school graduation. I don't think my parents took video that day, or if they did I've never seen it, so I was really excited to see a video of that day for the first time. It's a short clip, it looks like she was filming me as my mom was taking photos of me as I put on my cap and gown before the ceremony. It's kind of silly, but I thought I'd share it in honor of my 20 year reunion. Oh, to be that skinny again. But the big hair can stay in the 90's. :)

Also, you can catch a really quick shot of my dad at the end! I sure miss him.

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