Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing up

I took Josh to register for 8th grade today. EIGHTH GRADE! This is his last year of middle school, which means next year I'll have a high schooler and that pretty much makes me want to go out and buy bifocals and a walker and take up knitting and reading large print books.

Two years ago at this time I registered him for 6th grade at that school. It was the first time he ever used a locker, so we spent forever practicing opening and closing it. We walked around and looked for all his classrooms because I was so worried that he wouldn't know where to go. He seemed so little back then compared to the big scary 8th graders!

I took him in this morning to register him for 8th grade and all the teachers know him and welcomed him back, he got a much coveted top locker in a perfect spot, he gets to be a TA this year for his filmmaking teacher, he's in two honors classes, on the yearbook staff and in the National Junior Honor Society and he walks around that school like he owns the place.

But I had a moment when we were there and I looked at him, so grown up, and it freaked me out a bit! The kid is getting a mustache, by the way. He's going to have to shave it before school starts.

Where in the world did my baby go?! All three of my babies are growing up! Next year Josh starts high school, Matthew starts middle school and Clarissa starts Kindergarten!

So I'm feeling a little old and a little sad today about my kids growing up so fast. But also proud to have such great kids who have accomplished so much and continue to amaze me every day. They're pretty awesome.

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