Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guess what I bought today?!

An elliptical machine! I've been interested in them for a while but decent ones are expensive and I didn't want to spend the money on something I wasn't sure I was going to love. But then I today I ran across someone selling one online for ridiculously cheap and it's a NICE one! They could have sold it for a lot more than they were asking, but I wasn't about to argue. I even talked them into delivering to my house for a small extra fee. Even with the delivery fee it was the cheapest I was ever going to find for a decent machine. I'm on a bargain high.

So it got here, and it's gigantic. I had already looked up the specs online so I knew how big it was, but I still imagined it smaller. It's not small, it's kind of huge. I originally thought we could put it in our bedroom but I think it's going to have to go in the den. Unfortunately it won't fit through the den door, so at the moment it's sitting half in the entryway and half in the living room until Shawn gets home. He's going to have to take it apart to move it.

But once we get it moved I think is going to be great! I'm really excited to try it. I'm still doing the treadmill but it will be nice to alternate them so I don't get bored. Shawn, Josh and I are all working out now so between the three of us we'll definitely get some use out if it.

This week has been so crazy busy that I haven't had the chance to really update all that is going on. My Russian nail polish arrived and I'm ridiculously in love with it. It will get it's own post when I have some time to take pictures. My friend called it nail polish for geeks. I was almost offended until I realized that she was absolutely correct. I'm waving my geek flag high. :) It's the nerdiest nail polish ever and I'm completely fascinated by it.

Josh just spent the past three days at yearbook camp. He had a great time but between a week of scout camp and three days of yearbook camp, he's pretty camped out. He's looking forward to relaxing for the rest of the week before we start his back to school shopping and registration next week.

Matthew has loved his first few days of school so far. He loves school, so that doesn't surprise me. He's my go with the flow kid. He turns 10 next week, so I'm working on getting ready for his birthday! I can't believe he's going to be 10!

Tomorrow morning I have my big dentist appointment to FINALLY finish the two crowns that have been causing problems basically since March. Normally I hate dental work, but honestly, at this point I just want to get this over with. I'm tired of dealing with it. I just hope that he can do the work without any more problems.

So there is the update from our house. We're crazy busy this month, but life is good!

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