Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

My sweet middle child turned 10 today! Ten years ago at this very moment I was laying in a hospital bed being induced. Then things got a little crazy and Matthew and I had a bit of a wild ride but he got here safely and he has been a ray of sunshine in our family every since.

Matthew is in 5th grade this year. He loves video games, he loves to read and he's the happiest, most easy going child you will ever meet. He inherited Shawn's laid back, easy going nature and that's my favorite thing about both of them. Matthew rarely gets upset, he's quick to apologize if he does something wrong and he's always excited for whatever adventure comes our way.

Matthew is always fun to be around and he makes a new friend everywhere we go. There have been many times that we've been at the park or swimming or at some other sort of kid friendly hang out and I will look over, and there is Matthew chatting it up with a new friend. I always think it must be someone he knows from school but usually nope, just some random kid who is his new best friend for the day, lol. I admire that quality in him. I never worry about him having friends in his class at the beginning of the school year because I know no matter who he is assigned with he's bound to have a new crop of friends in no time.

For his birthday this year he got two new Wii games that he wanted and he got books, which he always wants! He reminds me of myself as a kid in that way. When in doubt, buy me a book. That's what I wanted for every holiday when I was his age.  I love that we share that.

For our kids birthdays I always make sure that we do some sort of activity that they love. I asked Matthew what he wanted to do this year and he couldn't really come up with anything. The difficult thing about having such a laid back child (and I also run into this problem with a very laid back husband) is that he's happy with anything and rarely makes specific requests, which makes it hard to pin down the perfect activity.

So Shawn and I came up with something that is totally Matthew. We're going to have hot dogs for dinner (I know, I know, but Matthew loves them) and then have a family Wii tournament. Matthew is not the kind of kid that cares that much about elaborate activities and when I try to plan them for him I start to realize that I'm doing it more for me than for him. Matthew is a kid of simple pleasures. He's thrilled when he can talk us all into a Wii tournament (it will be an especially big deal because it's on a school night since we have a strict no video games on school nights rule that I only bend for special occasions such as this one) and for some reason hot dogs for dinner is like winning the lottery as far as he's concerned, lol. So hot dogs and Wii it is. He's going to be thrilled.

So happy birthday to my sweet boy. I love that kid so much. I love to watch him grow and learn and I'm grateful for his sweet spirit and eternal optimism. He's an amazing kid and I'm glad that he's ours! :)

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