Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I love the elliptical!!!

I just got off the elliptical. I freakin' love that thing. You can always tell when I'm blogging immediately after exercising because I still have those happy endorphins flowing through me and for a few minutes I'm convinced that I love heavy exercise, lol. If I blogged immediately before I got on the elliptical I would tell you how much I hate it and would rather gnaw off my right arm with my teeth than get all sweaty on gym equipment.

But I just got off and for now, I love it. I find it actually a bit easier than the treadmill because the momentum of the pedals kind of keeps you moving. It's harder to slow down. I'm finding that I can maintain a higher MPH speed on the elliptical than the treadmill, so I think I'm working harder.

If you want the truth, my workouts still really don't consist of much more than a vigorous power walk, it's not like I'm competing in Ironman over here, but for me it's great. My asthma isn't bothering me nearly as much and my endurance is getting better. It might not be ironman, but when I get off that machine and I'm all sweaty and breathing hard and I have all those happy endorphins pumping through my body, it feels like a big victory to me! :)

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