Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday morning disaster

On Sunday mornings my family goes to church. We do this every week so you would think that we would have a routine down pretty well at this point.

My husband is an assistant to the bishop (ward clerk, for my LDS readers) so he spends his Sunday mornings in meetings at the church, so that usually leaves me to get myself and the kids ready to go by myself. We wear dresses and suits and ties to church and try to look our best, so it's more than just throwing on school clothes. It's usually fine, my big kids take care of themselves so it's mostly just Clarissa. Sunday mornings are a little hectic but manageable.

Then this morning happened, lol. I woke up earlier than usual and had a little more time to spare so I decided to paint my nails. I don't usually paint my nails on Sunday morning. I don't usually paint my nails when I have somewhere I need to be because it takes a while to paint them and make them look good and then I also have to wait for them to dry. But this morning I had time as long as there were no major complications.

There were major complications.

I got out my nail polish cases to decide on a color. I decided I wanted to go with a fallish orangy/red. I have two colors that are similar so I opened them both to decide which one. I painted one nail with one color and then placed the brush back in the bottle so I could try the other color and compare. I always close the bottles when I'm not using them. Always, except for today. I decided on the second color and got up to go paint my nails, no realizing that I didn't close the first bottle and at some point while I was moving to go paint my nails I knocked it over into our brand new carpet.

Not realizing I had done it I painted my nails, cleaned them up so they looked nice, all while red nail polish was continuing to drain out onto my carpet.

I got my nails done, waited a few minutes for them to be somewhat dry and got up to go get ready for church and saw a puddle of red nail polish in the carpet.

Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap craaaaaaap.

I panicked. How do you clean a puddle of nail polish out of your carpet? I had no idea. I tried to scoop off as much as I could without making the circle bigger. I got some of it up that way. I tried to gently rub it with nail polish remover and it basically just made the red spot bigger. And bigger. And then the red spot was really big and I was in serious panic mode. Shawn wasn't home, I needed to get the kids and myself ready for church and my new carpet now had a big bright red stain in it. Craaaaaaap.

I just kept putting nail polish remover on it. I broke out the big guns and got out the 100% acetone. I tested a spot and it didn't seem to hurt the carpet so I poured it on. I have no idea if that was a good idea, but it started getting the stain up. I poured and scrubbed and poured and scrubbed. I probably got cancer from the acetone fumes,  but I kept pouring and rubbing. Scrubbing the carpet with acetone ruined the nail polish I had just applied to my fingers, so I ended up having to take off he polish I had just applied.

Eventually the stain pretty much disappeared. There may be an extremely light pink hue in one spot that you would never notice unless you were looking for it, but basically I got it all out. I'm officially impressed with our new carpet. It handled a major stain like a champ.

By then there was no way we were going to make it to church on time. I texted Shawn and told him to pick us up late because we weren't going to make it.

I rushed to get everyone ready and we did eventually make it to church. Extremely late, but we made it. Although when I got to church I realized that in the chaos I had forgotten an important agenda paper that I needed for the youth class I help with that was sitting at home on my printer. I had to wing it. I survived.

I got home, took off my dress, put on my jammies and I'm going to sit and do nothing for the rest of the day. I need a nap.

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