Wednesday, October 16, 2013


So I have a bit of a new obsession. And that obsession is called Heirs. It's a brand new Korean drama that just came out. Actually, it's still coming out. It's currently airing in Korea and is airing it on their website as it airs in Korea.

In case you weren't around for my previous Korean drama posts and aren't familiar with them, Korean dramas are Korean television shows. They're like American television dramas but generally they only go for one season. They have one story line and it plays out over 20 or so episodes and when it comes to a conslusion it's over. Kind of like a long miniseries. Koreans know how to tell a story. There's no 8 seasons waiting to find out how he met their mother, it gets to the point, the story is usually super twisty and exciting, someone usually falls in love and you wait 20 episodes for them to finally kiss already and then it's over. And it's awesome. 

I've never watched a currently airing Korean drama before. I prefer to watch them when they're over so that I don't have to wait out all the cliffhangers. There's nothing more fun than having a Korean drama marathon in the middle of the night waiting for the two main characters to FINALLY KISS ALREADY! If you've seen a Korean drama, you totally know what I'm talking about. 

But this time I decided that I couldn't wait until it finally finished airing in Korea. Maybe it's just clever marketing by Drama Fever, but I've been hearing about this drama for months and couldn't wait for it to start! 

It's a big deal in Korea because it stars two of the biggest stars in Korea right now. The male lead, Lee Min Ho, is like the current "it" guy in Korea. He's everywhere. He was the lead in Boys Over Flowers, which is my second favorite Korean drama. The female lead is also really popular in Korea. She was in Heartstrings, the cute drama I just finished watching. She super cute, I really like her. 

So putting those two together is a big deal and they've been hyping up this show big time. It airs onWednesday and Thursdays. I've seen the first two episodes and tonight is episode three. I'm actually blogging about it while I kill time waiting for it to show up on the website. Shawn is playing flag football tonight with some work friends, Josh is at a church activity, Matthew is doing homework and Clarissa is playing happily, so I'm ready to watch cute Koreans almost kiss! :)

What's unique about this drama is that part of it takes place in the US. The main characters are in California for part of the story. It's been amusing to watch a story set in the US butfrom a Koreans point of view. There have been a few odd American stereotypes and there are a few American actors with small parts who are BAD actors (seriously, super cheesy), but I have loved listening to Lee Min Ho speak a little English and I've liked seeing the US from their point of view. I think they eventually go back to Korea later in the series, but I've enjoyed the US scenes.

I've killed enough time that hopefully the latest episode is up on the website now and I'm off to watch it! I will leave you with a meme that explains my feelings about Korean Dramas perfectly. :)

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