Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Basement style board

So now that we're finally getting somewhere on the basement, I put together a collage of the things we've picked out. Colors will vary a big on your monitors, so it may not all be exact, but you can get an idea. The only thing that is bugging me is that the picture of the couch that I got off the furniture store website isn't an accurate color. It's much more of a chocolate brown in person. It's not as red as it looks in the photo. That's throwing me off a little.

So the two big squares are the wall colors. Valspar Homestead Resort Olive and Valspar Jazz Club. The smaller square in the middle is the fabric I picked out that I'm having pillows made out of, but the picture isn't really a good representation of the fabric. It's like a cool, texturey upholstery fabric with all different colors woven in it. It has a soft, bumpy texture that I like. It looks great in person, but not so great in the picture. 

The TV cabinet in the picture is the cabinet we picked out. They delivered it this morning and I love it. It will go against the blue wall and will have a 60 inch TV sitting on it. 

The couch in the picture is the same style we're getting and I took it off the furniture store website where we bought it, but like it said, it's much browner in person. It's not reddish like it is here. It's a great brown that will look awesome against the green wall. 

I picked out a really great brown mirror that will go over the couch and the metal bike that is sitting on the floor in my guest room because I never got around to hang it up is going to go on one of the other walls. (I'm going to hang it up this time, I promise.) I also have a cool metal art piece that I bought from Pottery Barn several years ago and never found a place for will probably also be down there. 

The only thing I still have to figure out is what is going to go on the windows. I'm still working on that. 

Here is what our very sad looking basement looks like today. I took these this morning. It's a disaster, with paint colors all over the place. You can see where I've tested different colors. The green over the blues is the green we're using and the dark blue on the recessed wall is the blue we're using. It looks horrible right now,, of course, but when it's recarpeted, repainted and has new furniture in it, I think we're going to love it!! 

I even did a very professionally done Photoshop job of exactly what it will look like. Haha, just kidding, it looks terrible. I have Photoshop skills, but clearly did not put them to good use today, lol. 

So there you go. A very terribly done and not at all accurate look of how the room is coming along. Clearly no one will be hiring me to do interior decorating presentations anytime soon. Thank goodness, because that crap is hard. 

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