Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 14

Day 14 and still going strong. Yay me.

So yesterday was crazy. We had two extra kids here for a good part of the day because I was watching a friends kids and then as soon as Josh walked in the door from school we rushed to get the friends kids home and get my kids to the dentist. 

The reminder card we got from the dentist said 3:40. I knew it was going to be tough to get my kids over there by then but we rushed around and made it by 3:35 and I was super proud of myself for being on top of it. We sat down in the waiting room and the receptionist looked at me weird and asked me if I realized I was early. I was, but only by five minutes. Nope, she said she had the appointment written down for 4:00. We were almost a half hour early. The card said 3:40, I swear. 

Anyway, so I ended up corralling three bored kids in a dentist office waiting room for a half hour and then they finally got them all in one at a time, which took forever, and then the dentist needed to talk to me about the forty hundred things wrong with my kids teeth, which is not news to me. Both boys are looking at serious orthodontic work, which I've known for a while. Matthew has a sever overbite that the orthodontist has been keeping an eye on for years and they're just waiting for the rest of his baby teeth to come out to start braces. He's probably going to need all sorts of things done to fix his teeth. He has too much space, which apparently is a problem. 

Josh is the opposite, he's too crowded. His mouth is just like mine. I had braces for a looong time as a kid and I still have crowding problems with my teeth. 

Anyway, we may as well move into a cardboard box on the corner now because all this orthodontic work is not going to be cheap. Bleh. 

So the dentist ended up taking over two hours and I was super stressed about it because I needed to get home and finish preparing a photography class I had to teach last night. I'm involved in the youth group for girls at our church and they do weekly activities. Every now and then they ask me to help out. I taught a nail class a while back and last night they asked me to teach a photography class. 

Something like that really shouldn't be that big of a deal. It's not like I can't talk your ear off about photography for days. I love photography. But I hate teaching things. I'm super introverted, I'm not a teacher and standing up in front of anyone and giving a presentation is scary. I've never taught a photography class before and I've been stressing about this for a week. My anxiety kicks in whenever someone asks me to teach something. I'm the secretary of the youth group. Ask me to make agendas, create invitations for an event, take roll or make you a list of something and I'm awesome. Ask me to stand up and teach something and it freaks me out. 

So I was a little nervous and afraid that I was only going to have 15 minutes worth of stuff to talk about, but it ended up going great. I showed some of my photography and the girls seemed interested.    We talked about composition and lighting and I talked to them about how I got into photography and what I like to do. I easily filled an hour, which surprised me and was a huge relief. 

But my day was crazy busy yesterday and I was exhausted when I got home. I had run from one activity to the next all day and all I wanted to do last night when I got home was sit down and lose myself in Heirs for an hour, and that's what I did. Episode 11 was awesome. Eleven episodes down, nine to go. 

In basement project news I got the bid from the painter and they're going to paint the first week in December. I've also talked to the carpet lady and we're going over tomorrow to pick out vinyl for the bathroom. They're tentatively scheduled to install carpet around December 16th. The furniture is being delivered on December 21st and it looks like the whole thing is coming together nicely! Our biggest projects now are picking paint colors and figuring out which TV to get and decide on a media cabinet or shelf or something. 

I decided that once they start the work down there, I'm going to block off the basement stairs with something so no one can see what's happening down there. I want the whole thing to be a big surprise on Christmas morning. This is the biggest (and by far the most expensive) thing I've ever tried to pull off for Christmas and I'm really excited about it. It's a one time thing. Next year we'll go back to regular presents for Christmas, but for this one year I think it's going to be something fun and exciting that we'll remember for a long time. 

The fun part about it is that it's got a little something for everyone. It's a gift to me to have the new carpet and paint. The carpet down there is in terrible shape and as the mom, I'm the one who cares the most about that. Having new carpet and paint is going to make me happy. I like things to look nice! The boys are going to love having a fun hangout to invite friends over and a fun TV for video games and movie nights. Clarissa is going to love a better place to play with her toys, with all of her things organized in the closet down there. Shawn is loving the man cave aspect of it. I'm purposely making it a bit masculine with big leather furniture and probably bluish grey walls. Something a little more male than the rest of the house. And I think we're all going to love having a new place to spend family time. It's a win all the way around. Let's just hope everything goes according to plan and I can pull it all off before Christmas! :) 

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