Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18

Today would have been my dad's 66th birthday. I miss him every single day. The hardest part is knowing he never got to meet his grand kids because he would have been the best grandpa ever.

There are two things that immediately come to mind when I think of my dad. The first is that he loved our family. He loved spending time with us, he loved vacations, he loved holidays and he loved sitting around the kitchen table playing board games. I miss him especially around he holidays because I remember how much he loved Christmas and how much fun we always had with him that time of the year.

Second, I think of how much my dad loved sports. Sports were a huge part of his life for as long as I can remember him. He was a huge baseball fan, both playing and watching. He played on a city league every summer and I have fun memories of watching him play and of him coaching our sports teams when we were kids. He was also a lover of sports trivia. He's the reason that a local radio station had to make a rule that you could only win their sports trivia game once every 30 days, lol. He was a smart man, there was a lot of stuff stored in that mans head.

When I think of my dad I think of baseball caps, Skipbo and Sorry around the kitchen table, laughing, family vacations, fun holidays and I think of a man who loved his family and is missed by all of us.

I'm grateful for eternal families and for the belief that we will be reunited again one day. He is missed. Happy birthday, dad.

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