Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 20

It's a fairly quiet day around here today. I think I picked a paint color yesterday! I'm pretty sure I like it. It's Valspar Shark Loop. I might change my mind and start over tomorrow, but for the moment, that's what we're going with. Eek, even writing it down made me second guess myself. I'm the most indecisive person alive. It doesn't matter what I choose in life, I will always wonder if I should have gone with the other option. Always. I drive myself crazy.

I think I chose a color for the bathroom too and I'm slightly more confident about that one. It's a Kwal color called Charleston. It's just a medium grey with a slight hint of green if you look at it in certain lights. I like it, it matches the counters and the new vinyl flooring we picked out, so I'm going with it. It's stressing me out less than the paint in the other room because there's really not all that much paintable wall in there. It's a small bathroom and half of it is a white tile bathtub/shower, plus I don't go in there much except to clean it. If I hate it at least I don't have to look at it very much, lol.

We're not going out of town for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to stay home and get the basement emptied. So we'll just have a small Thanksgiving dinner at home and then that Friday and Saturday we'll be making serious headway in the basement. Everything down there has to go out so they can paint and carpet and we are really anxious to get all of the old toys and junk out of there that have been accumulating for a while. Now that we're confident that we're done having kids we're ready to clean out all the baby toys and things that have been down there for so long. I've been holding on to things "just in case", but I'm finally ready to let it all go now. We're donating everything so that hopefully it can be used and loved by someone who needs it.

It feels a bit symbolic to be cleaning out the playroom and making room for a teenage hangout. When we moved here nine years ago we always said that the basement would be a great teenage hangout space some day, but at the time our boys were only four and one, so that day seemed like a long time away. And now here we are!

I'm a little sad to be cleaning out all the little plastic cars and trucks and things that the boys played with down there when they were little. It seems like another lifetime ago that our house was filled with Thomas Trains and cars and trucks. That room will get so much more use now as a place the boys can hang out with friends. I'm excited to evolve into another phase in our lives, but it's also a little sad. My boys aren't little anymore! It's time to make a teenage room.

Someday maybe we won't even need a teenage hangout room down there anymore, and that room can evolve into something else. A room for our retirement hobbies, maybe? I can't even think about that yet! Maybe it will make another transformation before then. By the time Clarissa is 13 both of the boys will be grown and probably out of the house. Maybe we'll find another purpose for that room for a teenage girl. With a wood floor and a wall of mirrors it would make a pretty cool dance studio! :)

Who knows what the future will hold. That room is like our lives, always changing and transforming.
And that room, like my life, is making me a little impatient. In life I'm always anxious to hurry up and see the finished product. The transformation process is always hard for me, I just want to peek into the future and see how it turns out! Hopefully my life still has many years to transform, but fortunately the basement only has until Christmas. We'll see the finished product soon enough!

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