Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25

I have managed to blog every day this month so far like I was planning to do, but I feel like I've done a crappy job with it. I was planning to actually do some writing. Like essays or stories something different and interesting. But I've been so preoccupied with blue paint and Thanksgiving that I haven't really had the time or a clear enough head to be creative. I shouldn't do a blog post challenge in November. I'm always a bit unsettled this time of year. I should do it in spring, when everything is new and I feel inspired.

I also probably shouldn't have chosen November to redecorate my house. I think my pre-Thanksgiving funk is contributing to my inability to pick a paint color. I went to Lowes again today. I bought three green samples to try. I don't love them. I'm so over this whole paint color thing. I swear I'm going to close my eyes, point to a color and call it good. With my luck we'd end up with magenta or something, lol.

I think my next plan is to rummage through my garage and find all the paint samples I bought when we were painting other rooms and see if there is a gem in there somewhere that we didn't end up using. I probably bought six different colors when I was choosing paint for Josh's room. Maybe one of those rejects will work in the basement. Maybe the perfect paint color has been here the whole time.

Or maybe I'll go wild and just start mixing all my samples together and create some all new exciting color, paint it on a board and go get it color matched. I do that with fingernail polish sometimes. I dump all the almost empties into one bottle, shake it up and it's a whole new color. The color on my nails right now is actually one of those concoctions. It's pretty.

So to recap, I'm still in a pre-Thanksgiving funk and I still can't pick out paint, but at least my fingernails are pretty. That pretty much sums it up.

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