Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3

I'm taking my writing prompts from here:

I thought I would go month by month but I don't like someone the questions so I'm just kind of jumping around and picking and choosing the ones I feel like writing about each day.

Today I got them from their October 2011 list.
What is your first memory?
Believe it or not, I have a very brief memory from when I was two. My family moved to the town I grew up in when I was two and while my parents were looking for a house we briefly lived in an apartment. I have a very brief sliver of memory of being carried into that apartment by my dad for the first time. I distinctly remember an orange chair. I have no other memories of that apartment but I do remember a surprising amount about the house we moved into after that. We lived there from the time I was two until I was four. I can tell you everything from the layout of that house, to the rubber daisies that made the bathtub less slippery to the brown bedspread on my parents bed. The only room in that house that is still a mystery to me is my older sisters room because I was never allowed to enter it. It had purple walls, and that's all I know about it. 

For some reason I have a really good recall of my childhood. I remember a lot of funny little details. My mom mentioned once that she has forgotten the furniture that was in the house I grew up in. I swear if you gave me the contents of that house I could put everything back exactly where it was, from he furniture to the pictures on the walls. I have a good memory for things like that.

Between your mother and your father, who are you more alike?
That's easy. I'm so much more like my dad. I look like him and our personalities are very similar. People are always surprised when they see me with my mom. We look nothing alike, you would never know we were mother and daughter. I'm tall like my dad and our faces are similar. I have my dad's nose, which is my least favorite feature, but I embrace it because it came from my dad, and these days I'm happy for anything that reminds me of him because he passed away 17 years ago. I have noticed as Josh has gotten older that he also is getting my dad's nose. It makes me smile. 

Are you the oldest, youngest, middle or only child? Talk about siblings.
I'm smack in the middle of three kids. My sister is five years older and my brother is five years younger. Being the middle child was hard for me growing up. I had serious Jan Brady syndrome, lol. Did you ever see the Brady Bunch movie spoof they made in 90's or whenever that was and everyone kept saying "oh, Jan..." and rolling their eyes every time she came up with an idea and then someone else would come up with the same idea and it was awesome? I laughed until I cried. That was my place in my family. 

I wrote a bunch of other stuff about my sibling relationships and then I just deleted it. I decided not to go into it. The short version is that I'm close to one of my siblings and not the other. It has been that way pretty much my whole life and will probably always be that way. I have come to accept that. Watch the Brady Bunch, that will pretty much explain it. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. :)

What was your hardest age?
It wasn't so much one age as a specific time in my life. The hardest time for me was my late teens/early 20's. I struggled for a few years. I feel like I've already told that story on my blog and now I'm just repeating myself, so the short version is that I had a few years out of high school where my life sort of got turned upside down and I had to start over. My dad died, a significant relationship ended, I hated college, I moved across the country for a was just a few tough years of trying to figure out how to go from being a kid to being an adult and that transition was not an easy one for me. But fortunately that's when Shawn showed up and everything is easier with your best friend by your side. 

What is between love and hate?
Hmmm..a thin line? :)

I actually chose this question off the list because it made me think, even if I the answer is hard to put into words.

When I first read the question I didn't really get it. Then I sat and thought about it for a minute and realized that I've experienced that place. There have been people in my life who I have both loved and hated at the same time. It's a very complicated feeling, actually. It's hard to turn off love for someone just because they hurt you, but it's also hard to keep people in your life who make you unhappy. Many many years ago someone I loved deeply did something that was deeply hurtful to me and I hated that person for a long time, but at the same time it was someone I loved, and you can't just turn off love. It took me a while to let both of those feelings go. I had to let go of a love that was one sided and I had to let go of hate because having hate in your life is a cancer on your soul. Being in that place isn't healthy and it's a waste of time. I had to find peace in the situation for myself and accept that you can't control what other people do, you can only choose how you react to it.  So what is between love and hate? I don't know, just a lot of confusion.

And lastly, on a lighter note,
What is something you always pack on a trip?
My camera. You never know when something beautiful is going to happen. :) 

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