Friday, November 15, 2013

Heirs episode 12

There are just no words for last nights episode. It was amazing. Seriously, go watch that show.

Today is another busy day. Shawn is taking part of the day off so we can go pick out flooring for the basement bathroom and then he's taking the boys to a movie. For the past couple of weeks Shawn and the boys have all been reading Enders Game. They've had a good time racing to see who could finish first and discussing the plot together along the way. They all finished within a day of each other this week and the reward is that he's taking them to see the movie at the brand new theater down the street from us. They were going to go tomorrow but Matthew got invited to spend the day with a friend and really wants to do that, so since they have they day off school today, Shawn decided to use up some vacation time he needs to use and take them this afternoon. 

He has some stuff he needs to do at work this morning but when he gets home we're going to go look at flooring, he's going to come home and take the boys to the movie and then tonight Josh has to be downtown at a film festival that he volunteered to help out with. 

So that's life at our house today. Now I'm going to go rewatch the end of last nights Heirs episode and lament the fact that I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next. Seriously, why are you all not watching this? It's awesome! 

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