Friday, November 22, 2013


I had the weirdest night last night. For some reason I had crazy nightmares all night long. I kept dreaming someone was chasing me, then I was in a big office and someone was shooting and I was tying to hide, then I was being chased went on all night. I kept waking up, assuring myself that it was just a dream and I would go back to sleep and the crazy dreams would start right back up.

So I kind of tossed and turned all night and I'm super tired today. I often have vivid dreams, but not usually scary ones like that. It was really weird. My brain just didn't want to shut off last night for some reason.

So I've kind of done nothing productive today. I've been busy all week and today was a good day to just chill out. Matthew has been home on track break from school all month, so he and Clarissa entertained each other and I read for a while and searched the internet for paint ideas for the basement.

I am still stuck on paint color for the basement. I'm just about ready to give up on my idea of a blue gray room and go back to boring green or brown. I thought we had settled on a color but then I actually painted a big square of it on the wall just to make sure and it looked completely different than I thought.

There are two big problems I'm battling with. Well, three actually. First, there is very little natural light in the basement and the overhead lighting is just those fluorescent tubes in the rectangle boxes. They kind of change the color a bit, so what I look at upstairs, or even if different parts of the basement, isn't the same when I put it on the wall. Second, the walls down there are currently yellow and I think that's throwing things off a bit. Every time I look at a paint color on that wall it's next to the yellow and I think that skews the color a bit. It's making the greys look much more blue, and almost purple at times. That's what not what I'm going for at all. But I think it would look different if it wasn't against yellow, but I'd have to paint the whole room and get rid of the yellow just to check and I certainly don't want to paint the room five times to find the right color.

Third blue/grey is just a tricky color. If it's too blue it looks like a baby's room, which defeats the purpose of making this a more grown up, sophisticated teenage room, and if it's too grey it looks like cement, and in a basement I'm really concerned about it looking like cement.

So I keep second guessing myself and changing my mind and I'm driving myself nuts. I need to get the paint colors to the painters as soon as possible and I can't do that until I can make a decision. I have this vision in my head of what I want it to look like and I just can't make the color on the wall match the color in my head. It's frustrating.

Tomorrow we'll be back to work on it. Shawn is off work and we may be making another trip to Lowes to buy more paint samples. If we can't figure it out I may give up and go with another color completely. I'm kind of over this whole paint thing. I've spent too much time staring at blue/grey paint.

So there's a boring update on my life. I really need a nap.

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