Friday, November 29, 2013

The day after

For all the angst I put myself through when it comes to Thanksgiving, we actually had an amazing day!

We started it out with a family Wii tournament. I emerged victorious and the losers all got Oreos. :)

Then we had a delicious ham dinner and my three ham loving children ate until they were stuffed. They love ham to a ridiculous degree. 

After our feast we had our annual Amazing Race marathon. We always try to hold off on watching the current season until Thanksgiving and then we marathon it. We're still not totally caught up, so we'll continue tomorrow. 

Then last night Shawn, Josh and I watched the new episode of Heirs. Episode 16. We're nearing the end and everything is coming to a head. It was seriously intense tonight! I cried. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry through the rest of the episodes. I'm crazy in love with that show.

It was an awesome day. I love my family and I love that we're creating our own family traditions. Spending the day just hanging out, playing Wii together, eating yummy food and enjoying some family time was awesome.

Shawn has the next few days off, so we're going to be watching more Amazing Race, have another Wii tournament, we're going to finish cleaning out the basement so the painters can paint next week, Shawn and I are going to a movie at some point (I'm dying to see the new Hunger Games movie), we'll hopefully get the Christmas tree up and I'm looking forward to spending some more fun time with the kids.

As much fun as we're having, I feel like it's just a preview of how much fun we're going to have at Christmas!! Shawn has two weeks off at Christmas and the basement will be done, so we can have awesome movie marathons and Family Wii tournaments down there! Now that we have all the basement stuff picked out and purchased we're just waiting to put it all together and I'm getting really excited! The boys are going to love it. I think we're all going to love it! Exciting things are ahead! :) 

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