Friday, November 22, 2013

Wendy The Bird Rescuer

I know I just posted, but then this happened.

After I made my blog post I went down to the basement to scowl at the paint some more. While I was down there I noticed a bird in the window well. A pretty little dark eyed junco. We only get them here in the winter. 

The problem was that I also noticed him in there yesterday. Yesterday I thought maybe he had just flown in there and would come out when he was ready, but today he was still there and when I looked at him closer I realized that he couldn't get out. He can fly a little but something must be wrong with his wing because he couldn't fly high enough to get out. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love birds. I'm so soft hearted when it comes to any animal. I couldn't just let him stay in there and die. 

So I decided to rescue him. I put some gloves on and went outside. Those window wells are really deep and I quickly realized that if I jumped down there I wouldn't be able to get back out. So I went down to the basement again and opened up the window a little and thought maybe I'd climb in, but I didn't want to open it so much that the bird would fly into the house and the window is also just high enough that I would have a hard time getting up there. 

So I left the window slightly ajar and went back outside. I figured I'd jump down the window well, rescue the bird and climb back in the basement window. Good plan. 

So I lowered myself down into the window well. I did it like you would lower yourself into the pool, you know, sliding down into it with your hands on the edge? Well the window well is deeper than I thought and when I did that I wrenched both of my shoulders back. Crap, that hurt. My shoulder muscles are going to hurt REALLY bad tomorrow. 

But I was down there so I went about saving the bird. Unfortunately the bird really wasn't all that happy to be sharing a window well with me. I'm sure he thought I was going to catch him and eat him for dinner. I told him I wasn't but be didn't seem convinced. 

It took a while but I finally managed to catch him and I carefully picked him up and tossed him gently outside the window well onto the grass and he hopped away. Bird saved.

Now the problem was that being in that window well for a few minutes, breathing in all sorts of dirt and dead leaf particles and whatever other disgusting things are in that window well triggered my asthma. REALLY bad. I'm allergic to pretty much everything that grows and certain things trigger my asthma really quickly. I almost died after spending less than five minutes crawling through a hay maze in college. They had to rush me to the hospital. It was not awesome. 

I realized that I was going to be in major trouble if I didn't get back in the house and get my inhaler fast. I crawled in the window and managed to get myself up the basement stairs where I grabbed the inhaler out of my purse and I sat on the couch and attempted to breathe. 

It was scary for a minute. I don't get asthma attacks like that very often. Shawn and the boys weren't  home, it was just me and Clarissa. I really should save my adventures for when Shawn is home and can rescue me when I do something stupid, lol.

Anyway, to make a long story slightly shorter, the bird is safe and I didn't die. I'm just a little shaky and my arms are going to hurt really bad tomorrow. 

I do stupid things sometimes. But the bird is safe and won't starve to death in my window well, so all is good. 

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