Sunday, December 8, 2013



I took this last night. We went to Shawn's company Christmas party last night and I was having a good hair day so we took a rare photo of the two of us.

Shawn got a ten year award at the party last night. I can't believe he's been working there for ten years! He used to work for a grocery store pharmacy when he got out of pharmacy school and one day out of the blue he got a call from a guy who was looking for a manager for his pharmacy and had heard good things about Shawn from another employee Shawn used to work with. Shawn initially turned him down because he wasn't looking for a new job, but they kept asking and eventually offered him more money and he couldn't turn that down so he accepted. Ten years later he's still there and it was a good move.

The thing I remember about that was that I was eight months pregnant with Matthew at the time. While they were negotiating this new job we were mostly stressed about him starting a new job right as I was giving birth. What would we do about insurance, since at the time pregnancy was a pre-existing condition, and what would he do about taking time off when the baby came? He told them his concerns and they took care of it. He actually worked there for two weeks before Matthew was born and they gave him a week off to spend with us.

So I never have to try to remember how long Shawn has worked at his job, because it's the same as Matthews age. That's handy. :)

Shawn's job has changed a lot over the years, they actually closed the retail section that Shawn managed a few years ago and turned the whole pharmacy into a long term care pharmacy, where they have contracts with care facilities and mental health facilities to supply their medications. So he doesn't work with the public as much as he used to, which he misses, but he's still grateful for a good job and steady work in this economy. I'm grateful that he works so hard for our family. I love that man! :)

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