Monday, December 2, 2013


The painters were planning to come do some prep work tomorrow and do the majority of the painting on Wednesday but they called today and said that they're hoping to do most of the work tomorrow, so tonight we got the rest of the room cleared out and ready for them. I'm nervous and excited! After all the agonizing I did over the paint color, I really hope I like it. It's too late to change my mind now!

I snapped some quick "before" photos with my phone tonight. They're not great, but they're good enough to show you what's happening down there. Clearly it looks awful down there now. I'm almost embarrassed to show these, but I want to document the before and after. The basement has been pretty neglected all these years. The carpet is really old, the walls need repainted and at the moment it really doesn't look like a room you want to hang out in. I'm hoping all that will change in the next few weeks. 

I also included photos of the bathroom. It's being painted grey and will get new vinyl flooring when they recarpet next week. 

I'll take more photos when the paint is done! 

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