Saturday, December 28, 2013

The week we did nothing

Well, Christmas is over and the basement was a huge hit! We wrapped the doorway to the basement on Christmas Eve with wrapping paper and it was fun watching the kids tear through it and run down there on Christmas morning. They couldn't believe how different it looks. It honestly looks like a completely different house down there! You can barely recognize it as the same place. We are all loving it!

So we've been home all week enjoying the basement and playing with the Christmas toys and we have pretty much done nothing productive all week. We haven't left the house, we haven't done any projects, we haven't had anyone over, we have literally sat around, watched movies, had Wii tournaments, eaten too much Christmas food and have had an awesome do nothing, go nowhere week. For one week a year it is SO nice to just lock ourselves in the house and enjoy endless family time with no schedule to follow. We played Wii Super Mario 3D World all afternoon today. I didn't even know what time it was most of the day. I laughed so hard I had to go track down my asthma inhaler. This evening we ate pizza and watched old Amazing Race Episodes. Best do nothing day ever. :)

Tomorrow we have to actually get up and be productive and go to church. The do nothing week is over. Everyone is actually home all next week too, but we do have things we need to get done next week. Josh is filming a video that he needs help with, I've got some shopping that desperately needs to get done, Shawn promised to take the boys to a movie, I need to finish moving all of Clarissa's toys down to the basement and getting the basement closet organized, and we have some other things that have been neglected during our do nothing week. And honestly, as fun as it was spending a week goofing off, I am sort of ready to get back to being productive. Stuff starts to pile up if you goof off for too long!

But the do nothing week was awesome while it lasted. We made some great family memories while we were goofing off. I love just shutting out the world sometimes and doing things that make us happy as a family. These are the memories that we never forget.

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