Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The calendar may say January, but the sun didn't get the memo, because it was a beautifully sunny day today. January is half over and the January funk hasn't set in. I think by some miracle I may actually make it through January this year without wanting to pull the covers over my head and never come out! Yay!

Today I was feeling so good I decided to take Clarissa to a movie. Pretty much ever since I knew we were going to be adopting a girl (which was like, seven years ago, by the way. Mind blown.) I have imagined having a daughter that I could do fun girl bonding activities with. I absolute adore my boys and I love doing fun things with them, but Shawn and the boys have their fun boy activities that they do together and I have dreamed of having a daughter to do girl things with.

Today that dream finally came true! Clarissa will be five in a few weeks and she's finally getting past that crazy toddler stage and is becoming so much more fun to take places. It used to be a pain to take her to the movies. She's a high energy kid and sitting quietly isn't usually her strong suit. But now that she's getting older I decided to give it another try. Everyone has been talking about the movie Frozen and Clarissa is super into anything princess related, so I knew if there was any hope of her sitting happily through a movie, this would be the one.

So while the boys were at school I decided the two of us would go off for some girly fun and we went to see Frozen. I don't usually get super excited about Disney movies, but I've heard how good this one is and I've been really looking forward to it. It didn't disappoint! I absolutely loved it! Clarissa did awesome, she sat happily through the whole thing, laughed at the funny parts and really seemed to enjoy it. It's a sweet story about sisters. I like that Disney isn't all about princesses being rescued by their princes these days. This was a sweet movie about love saving the day, but it was about sisterly love, not about a girl being saved by her prince. The end made me cry because I have sister issues. Plus, I'm a big baby and everything makes me cry.

But I loved the movie, I loved spending the afternoon doing something girly with Clarissa and I loved that the sun was out today and it made me forget that it was January. All in all, a pretty awesome day. :)

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