Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahhh, it's Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day. I know it's a cheesy Hallmark holiday, but I love it anyway. 

Yesterday we had a really fun activity at Clarissa's school to celebrate Valentine's Day. They did a mothers tea party. The kids sang us some songs, presented us with a craft they had made and then we made super awesome floppy hats out of gigantic tie dyed coffee filters and ribbon and silk flowers. They cracked me up, we all looked hilarious. Then the kids painted our fingernails, which looked exactly like you would imagine a manicure done by a five year old would look they gave us back massages and then made us a bracelet with pink and red beads. It was super cute!

After that we had our tea party and drank lemonade and ate muffins and strawberries. It was seriously the cutest thing. We had a great time. I love Clarissa's preschool teacher, she's really great with the kids and Clarissa loves going there. 

Today we're in full Valentines mode around here. We gave the kids little boxes of chocolates and Matthew went off to school this morning with a backpack full of Valentine's for his class party. For Shawn's lunch hour he brought home lunch from our favorite restaurant and we watched the episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon agrees to call Amy his girlfriend and writes up the relationship agreement, because that's how big nerds celebrate Valentine's Day. :) 

This afternoon I promised that I would make pink cupcakes with Clarissa, and she has been reminding me every 20 minutes all day, just in case I forgot, lol. As soon as I finish this blog post I am off to make cupcakes.

Tonight we're going to a play, which I'm really excited about! That will be the perfect end to an awesome Valentine's Day. 

So for now I'm off to make pink cupcakes with Clarissa, who apparently can't stand the wait one second longer and I'm off to enjoy a mushy day full of love for all the people in my life. And that includes my awesome blog readers! I love all of you! :) Happy Valentine's Day! 

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