Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's school registration time! With Clarissa starting Kindergarten, Matthew starting middle school and Josh starting high school in the fall, we're up to our eyeballs in registration paperwork. Shawn and I sat down together tonight to try to get it all done. There's a million forms for each kid and it's one of those annoying things where you have to fill out the same info over and over on all the forms.

And then Shawn and I just got silly because some of the questions were stupid and that just got us on a tangent and that got us laughing so hard that I really hope all the forms got filled out correctly, lol. We get kind of ridiculous when it's nighttime and we're tired and we have sixty million forms to fill out. It reminded me of sitting at the table filling out adoption paperwork together. Ah, the good old days. :)

So the paperwork is done, except for Josh's. Tomorrow morning is the lottery for the high school Josh wants to go to. I will be over at the district office tomorrow hoping and praying that his name gets pulled. He wants to go to this school so bad, he's really stressed out worrying that he's not going to get in. They'll notify us by mail if he gets in, so we don't have to attend the lottery, but he's going crazy waiting, so I'm going to go over there tomorrow and watch the lottery happen so he doesn't have to wait to find out if he got in.

He also recently discovered a girl who is his friend (we're not using the world girlfriend, lol. I just can't even.) who is also hoping to get in, so I'll be waiting to hear her name called too. If they don't get in they'll be going to different high schools next year and when you're almost 14 and a little starry eyed over a girl, that seems like the worst thing ever.

This whole parenting a teenager thing is tricky business, and it's getting trickier all the time. Thank goodness he's a good kid. So keep your fingers crossed for him. He really really needs to go to that school. Much teenage angst has been created over this whole school thing. After tomorrow at least we'll know. Unless he gets put on the waiting list, which means he'll have to stress about it for a few more months.

In other news, I have recruited two friends to be the newest Heirs addicts. :) Once or twice a week we get together and watch two or three episodes. I've now seen the whole series multiple times but I still get excited to watch it again, especially with people who haven't seen it yet. It's been fun to have some girl time. I don't spend enough time with friends and I really enjoy it when I get the chance.

So things are going good these days. I'm always happy when I can find someone to watch Heirs with me and we dug our way to the bottom of the school registration forms, so that feels nice. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be celebrating Josh getting into the school. I'll keep you posted!

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