Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I need to go to bed, so I will try to make this quick. And then I will fail because we all know I don't tell short stories. :)

First, Clarissa had an awesome birthday but I did not get around to a photoshoot. She had preschool in the morning, then we went to Build a Bear, then she had ballet in the afternoon and we had a family party in the evening. It was a busy day but she seemed to enjoy it. I still can't believe she's five.

Tonight I took Josh over to an open house for the high school he's trying to get into. We are crazy in love with this school. We're incredibly lucky that our district even offers it. I've never seen another public school like it. I know I talked about it before, but in case you missed it, it's basically a college prep school. If he gets in he will graduate from high school with his college associates degree. It's super intense, all academic and very few electives, which sounds like a nightmare to some kids, but for my academic overachiever, it sounds like a dream to him! They basically take out almost all of the electives and cram all the core classes that you would normally spread out over all four years of high school and you do them in two years and then take college level classes your junior and senior year. It's a free public school but you pay a very reduced credit rate for the college level classes, so it's a cheap way to get all the basic required college courses out of the way and he'll be that much further ahead when he leaves high school.

It's a tough program but some of the things they do there are super impressive. Getting to walk thorough the school tonight was cool. It looks more like a college than a high school and functions a bit more like one too. In fact, there is an Idaho State University satellite branch attached to it, so right down the hall it actually is a college. Because it's basically just a school full of college bound overachievers they're able to do some things they can't do in regular high schools. It's very hands on and lecture based. Not many worksheets or textbook learning, lots of research papers and projects. It's a small school so everyone knows each other and works together. It's a tight community of high achieving kids who love school and are happy to be there.

I loved it so much over there I wish I could have gone there! It's a really great opportunity for Josh. He desperately wants to go there. He already wanted to go there before we toured the school and tonight just confirmed it. We don't find out if he gets in until the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed for him. He's going to be crushed if he doesn't get in. It would be a really great fit for him and I think he would really thrive there.

So that's all that is happening here. Oh, and it snowed all day today and I slid on an icy road on the way home from the high school meeting and almost died. Ok, that's a little dramatic, I didn't almost die. Well maybe I did, from the heart attack that almost ensued when I realized I had no control of my car.  It was fine. I confirmed that my car has good breaks and we're all good. It's supposed to keep snowing through the weekend. I'm kind of hoping for a snow day. I could use a movie marathon day with the kids in the basement. I'll keep you posted.

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