Monday, March 24, 2014


A few days ago Josh and I decided that we wanted to read Divergent and then go see the movie together. We decided it would be super fun to have a reading marathon and read the book really fast and then immediately go see the movie. So on Saturday morning we got our reading spot all set up with some snacks and we read for a few hours. We each had our own copy, we just read at the same time and tried to stay at about the same pace so we could discuss what was going in as we read.

We got a lot done on Saturday but didn't quite finish it so we finished it up last night. It was really fun reading together!

Then this evening we went on a super fun date to see the movie, just me and Josh. Josh is super fun to hang out with. I know most people dread the teenage years, but so far I am loving the teen years. Josh is super fun, I enjoy spending time with him. It was super funny though, we got to the theater and we were laughing and joking around and having a good time and suddenly he got quiet, put the hood up on his hoodie and started walking ahead of me. It was random. He didn't talk to me for a minute or two. Then he put his hood back down and started talking again. I said "what was that about?" And he said "oh, sorry. I saw kids from school."

Aw, bummer! I think that was the first time one of my kids has not wanted to be seen with me in public, lol. I knew it was coming, it's a teenage thing, but still. Nothing like getting ignored in public by your child to remind you that you're just a dorky mom, lol. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. :) We had a super fun time at the movie. It was fun having a little mother/son bonding time. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with Matthew when The Giver comes out later this year. It's fun to spend some time with them one on one.

This week is spring break and Shawn is taking Wednesday off so we can have a fun family day. We're actually thinking of going back to the movie theater to see the new Muppet movie, which we're all really excited about. Fun stuff happening around here!

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