Thursday, March 13, 2014


Just when I thought I couldn't take the dead grass, bare trees and gloomy skies for one more second, the sun has appeared and it's finally starting to feel like spring!

I've been struggling lately. Usually after January I perk back up, but winter just feels like it had been dragging on forever. We've had a lot of rain here this past month, so there have been a lot of dark skies and gloomy days and I've been feeling really mopey lately.

But today the sun came out, Shawn had the day off and we decided to get out of the house.

So, first I have to tell you some back story that I keep forgetting to mention! Remember when they built that super awesome park near my house that I used to bike through? The area near the park has gotten even more awesome recently. In October they opened up the coolest place ever, right next to the park. It's a huge shopping plaza thing. I don't really know what you call it. There is a big theater and restaurants and shops and it's all kind of fancy and upscale. It looks kind of like an old fashioned town square. There is a big area in the middle where there are gorgeous fountains that light up at night and in the winter there is a skating rink and there are lights in the trees and it all feels kind of magical every time we go over here. I absolutely love it there.

Parts of it are still being built and new stores keep opening up, so every time we go over there there is something new to check out. One thing they just finished is a branch of the gym that I belong to. I belong to a gym. You know how long it's been since I've been there? Embarrassingly long. But anyway, everything they have built in that new plaza is kind of fancy and I wanted to go check out the gym and see if it was fancy. I'm ridiculously in love with everything over there and I thought maybe if the gym was super cool I might actually start going again!

So the whole family took a trip to check out the gym. Josh and Shawn were thinking of joining so we got the tour. It is definitely a cool gym! They have really high tech equipment and a bunch of fun things there. There is a room with a movie screen where they play movies all day and instead of seats there are treadmills and ellipticals. There is another room with a screen with exercise bikes and the screen plays scenic bike riding videos so while you ride the exercise bike you can pretend you're actually going somewhere and the bikes adjust to the terrain on the video. So cool. There are also treadmills with big screens that do the same thing. You can walk or run and the screen follows along with a scenic path. You can run though cities or mountains or the beach or whatever and the treadmill adjusts to the terrain as you go.

Also, there is going to be a pool, which isn't quite done but will be soon, and they'll be having a water Zumba class. I have always loved water aerobics and water Zumba sounds awesome!

So anyway, it looks like we're all going to the gym! Shawn and Josh signed up and since I technically already belong to another branch I'm having my membership moved over. It's so close to our house and in that awesome place that I love, so I'm really excited about it. It's still going to be hard for me to find a time to go right now because of everyone's schedules but summer will be here soon and I'll be able to go during the day then and Clarissa starts kindergarten in the fall and then I'll definitely be able to go. Shawn and Josh are planning to go over together early in the morning before school and work.

After we got all signed up we decided to take a walk through the cute town square area to see what else was new. And you know what else is new?! Korean food!!!  Right next the awesome fountains in the town square there is an cool little restaurant/food counter type thing. There used to be two food trucks that parked at different places around town. One was Asian and one was Mexican and they were quite popular at different events in the city. Now they've both moved into a permanent building in the new shopping plaza. One side of it is open, so you can order your food and eat outside by the fountains. We went and checked it out and the guy who owns it is half Korean and super nice. He talked to us for a while. They have bulgogi, our favorite Korean food ever! His mom is Korean and he uses her bulgogi recipe and it is delicious.

So we sat in the sunshine and ate Korean food and it was pretty much the best afternoon I've had in a long time. It was one of those perfect spring days where you feel the sunshine on your back for what feels like the first time in forever and everyone was outside enjoying the day and we were by the beautiful fountains and it just felt peaceful and perfect. I needed to feel the sun again. I needed to go outside and do something fun. I needed to shake off the long cold winter and come out of the cave I've been hibernating in.

So today I'm happy. I'm excited about the gym and I'm happy to see the sun and I'm excited for new adventures ahead. Hurray for spring! :)

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great gym then! Hope everything goes well and don't get hurt!