Friday, April 4, 2014


Well the day has arrived. Today I begin the last year of my 30's. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, so I'm actually really excited about my birthday this year. I have plans for this year. I have things I want to accomplish before I turn 40 and it's time to get to work. I know I know, I have big plans a lot and sometimes they're successful and sometimes not, lol. But lately this whole "last year of my 30's" thing" is making me feel an urgency to make some changes in my life and I'm ready to do the work. I'm starting back up with MyFitnessPal, if anyone wants to be my friend there. It worked well for me last time, so I'm excited to try it again. I'm starting back up at the gym soon too, as soon as I can work out a reasonable schedule to go. That may have to wait a couple of months, but I'll get there. I've made some mini goals and some rewards for myself when I meet those goals.

Another thing I'm doing is participating in the 100 days do happy challenge. You may have seen it being passed around on Facebook. You can find all the info here: Basically, for 100 days in a row you are supposed to take a photo of something each day that makes you happy. It doesn't have to be big, just a snapshot of your favorite breakfast or a sunny day or a book you're reading, or whatever. The purpose is to take the time to be happy and to be aware of the happy moments in your life. I love that idea.

I haven't decided yet where, or if, I will be posting the photos. I may post them here every day and I may not. I may share a weeks worth all at once each week, or I may only share them every now and then. Or maybe I'll do it just for me and not share them at all. I haven't decided, but I'm doing it. So if random photos are posted to my blog daily or weekly or whatever I end up doing for the next 100 days, that's what that's all about. They may not be great photos. If I have to get my good camera out and compose a good photo every day, it might not get done. So they might be quick cellphone shots. The subject is more important than the quality in this case.

Anyway, I've been planning to start on my birthday so today is day one, and in honor of day one, I will share my first photo.

This photo makes me happy for several reasons. First of all, it makes me realize how much I appreciate Shawn, who always makes a big fuss on my birthday and special orders my favorite cake for me days in advance. Shawn makes me happy. Second, it makes me grateful for life and that God has allowed me to live on the Earth for another year. I'm happy to be alive and to be celebrating another birthday. Third, it's a chocolate cake, and chocolate cake makes me happy! TOO happy, which is why I'm headed back to the gym,  lol. I've got to work off some of my chocolate cake happiness. :) 

So there you go, day one. Today, as I celebrate one more year on the earth, I choose to be happy. :) 

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