Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 13

One of my Last Year Of My 30's goals was to be better organized. Organization is something I struggle with. I constantly have a million things going on in my head and I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time sometimes. Ok, most of the time. :) I start a project and don't finish it because by the time I'm halfway through it my brain has already moved on to something else. I often have to force myself to stick to one thing and see it through. My life has been a long string of unfinished projects, and one of the goals for this year is to go back and finish a few of those unfinished projects.

So I realize that as I've been pondering being better organized, that what I really needed to do was start writing my goals and projects down and keeping better checklists that organize my crazy brain into manageable categories and realistic tasks.

So I turned to my trusty ipad and set up a good calendar and to-do list app to keep me organized. I've been really focusing on it for a couple of weeks and it's working great! I've got all my daily to-do items right there that I can cross off and it's one place to jot down shopping lists, dinner ideas, upcoming activities, etc. There is something satisfying about checking something off a to-do list.

So this morning I looked at my schedule for the day, I got the bills paid, I checked a few things off my list and I just had a nice moment of satisfaction that my life is a bit better organized these days. I'm still working on some bigger organization projects, but just creating a place to write it all down and sort it all down has been nice. I can flip through the folders in the app and see everything I need to work on and it has really helped me see what I need to focus on for that day instead of everything just being a jumbled mess in my brain.

Feeling organized makes me happy!

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