Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 14

My happy picture today is lame! The happy moment wasn't lame, but I forgot to take a photo of it while it was happening, so instead you get another picture of my phone. That's the third photo of a ipad/iphone screen in the past 14 days. This will be the last one for a while!

So my happy moment today was lunch with a friend. I love this friend because she was kind of an unexpected friend. I have actually known her for a very long time but we didn't become close until a few years ago.

She lives across the street from me. When we moved to this neighborhood, we were the youngest family on the street. Most of the people who live on our street have lived here since their houses were built in the 90's and have older kids. When we moved here we had toddlers, so at first I didn't feel like I had a lot in common with most of the people who were at least 10 years older than us and had teenagers. I didn't make close friends in the neighborhood very quickly. I know a lot of my neighbors from church and they're all great people, but no one that I clicked with as a close friend right away. I was just at a different place in my life at the time than most of the people around us.

So I've known this woman since we moved here, but her kids are a lot older than mine and we're both kind of homebodies, so we didn't really socialize. I think a few years went by before I really even spoke to her.

Then we got to know each other because we were asked to serve in a presidency together at church. She used to give me rides to the meetings we had to go to and we got to know each other and found out we have a lot in common.

Then almost comically we have been following each other around in our church service ever since. We keep getting called to serve in the same church functions. We started spending a lot of time together because of church and our friendship grew.

I really really enjoy her friendship. Because her kids are older than mine, she has life experience I don't have and I enjoy her perspective on raising teenagers and other things that I'm just beginning to experience. I generally have a hard time making female friends, but I really click with her.

We occasionally go out to lunch together just to chat and today was one of those days. Our birthdays are close together and I was going to take her out for her birthday and that didn't work out and then she was going to take me out for my birthday and today we finally got around to having a joint birthday lunch. I really enjoy talking to her, shes easy to talk to and I feel like we "get" each other and I don't always feel that with other women.

So I had a really great time and before I went I told myself to remember to take a picture so I could make it my happy thing for the day, but then I got home and realized that I forgot to do it. I tried to come up with an alternate happy thing that I could take a picture of, but that lunch really was my favorite thing today, so I'm using it anyway. So instead of a photo of the lunch, you get a photo of the invitation to the lunch. Being invited to lunch by a friend makes me happy!

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