Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 18

This photo looks like a picture of a teenager playing on his phone. It's actually Josh reading his scriptures. Josh and I decided a few weeks ago to start having a short daily scripture study together when he gets home from school every afternoon. We do it before everyone else gets home, so it's quiet, and we read the assigned passages silently to ourselves and then discuss what we read.

It has lead to some really great religious discussions and I've really enjoyed that time with him. And he must be enjoying it to because he's actually the one to bring it up each day and remind me that it's time to read.

It has been a daily source of happiness for me since we started it and it's about time that I make it one of my happy posts. I have loved doing this so much that I'm planning to do the same thing with Matthew when Josh and I finish. Spending time one on one with my kids, talking to them and teaching them has always been something that I have found great joy in. You learn so much about your kids when you take time to sit down with them with no distractions and really listen to what they have to say. I learn something from my kids every day and I hope that they're learning something from me as well.

So reading scriptures with Josh definitely makes me happy!

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