Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 19

I'll admit it, it's 10pm and I'm rushing around looking for something to take a photo of for my happy project. Finding some random thing at 10pm just so you can say you did it isn't really the point of this project. 

Many things made me happy today but sometimes I'm not able to get the camera out in the middle of my happy thing and then I have no photo to show. I had better ideas for today but the picture taking didn't work out. 

So let me tell you a few of the happy things that happened to me today and then I'll share the photo of the thing I took a photo of five minutes ago in desperation. 

Matthew has a friend spending the night tonight because his parents had something come up and they need me to get him off to school in the morning. Matthew adores this friend and getting to have a sleep over, especially on a school night, is a huge deal for both of them, so they've been super cute this evening having such a good time together and getting ready for bed. They're still in there talking. I'm going to have to insist they go to sleep soon. :) Seeing them have so much fun together made me happy. 

I visited with some church friends today. It's nice getting out and talking to friends. Spending time chatting on a friends couch made me happy. 

The grass is getting green outside and I am loving seeing color in the world again. After a long winter of grey skies and dead grass, spring is making me very happy. 

But I didn't take a photo of any of those things. I just didn't get a chance to in my busy day.

So here us what I took a photo of five minutes ago in desperation. Leftover Easter candy. Chocolate and peanut butter make everyone happy, right?! The Easter bunny may or may not "accidentally" over-buy when it comes to Easter candy at our house. If the kids can't eat it all, well, I guess it's my duty to step in and help out. What are you going to do, it's just my job as a parent. :) 

I will try harder tomorrow, I promise. :) 

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